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Martin Parr

An 80’s child born in the small Town of Leigh that for many years floated between being classed as Lancashire or Greater Manchester.  Personally, I see myself as a Manchester lad however many that listen to my accent would firmly say a Lancashire lad.

Growing up I played Rugby League to a good standard. I spent a couple of years on the Warrington Wolves academy programme as well as a year on the Bradford Bulls development squad. For a long period of time, I had dreamt that my career would be as a professional Rugby player. Whilst I believe I was good enough to make this dream a reality, the truth is at 16/17 I lost the desire and drive to make it happen. I don’t regret quitting Rugby. I learnt a lot about discipline, hard work, teamwork but also motivation. It was my first lesson and exposure to Push and Pull factors. A technique and skill I still apply today particularly in business and building effective teams.

greyscale photo of DO What YOu Love signageUnlike most within the Industry, I am one of few that purposely pursued a career in Recruitment.  I was working for HSBC at the time and was responsible for the training and development of new to bank staff. This role also involved liaising with Recruitment Agencies that sparked my interest in the sector. It ultimately drove me to pursue a career within recruitment. I began applying for trainee recruiter roles and chased each hiring manager up verbally until I received an interview and job offer. It wasn’t a straight forward process though; I had applied for many roles without hearing anything back. Back then the weekly MEN Jobs paper was circa 100 pages, and there was no shortage of Recruiters advertising for trainees so I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t even getting a response. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was my lack of a degree that hindered me applying for certain businesses. Having worked in recruitment for 16 years I have witnessed conscious bias first-hand (“They must be from a Red Brick Uni” for example) but thankfully you don’t see this much in the modern world. Many businesses have now implemented strategies to remove conscious bias from their hiring process.

It was my tenacity that secured me my first role in recruitment back in 2005. I took to recruitment like a duck to water. I loved the variation of the job and the prospect of helping people secure careers. Within 12 months I had been head hunted to set up a new division for a start-up business. Within 24 months I was a Manager and leading a team of 4 people.

Setting up a business has been an ambition of mine from as early as I can remember.  It’s that itch that just never went away. That itch that just needs scratching. I always believed I’d have done it before now, I believed my name would be on the Insider Medias 32 under 32 one day. Well, it’s safe to say that ship has sailed by several years but maybe the 42 under 42 one day 😉

Outside of work I am a family man with two children and a third on the way. I spend my weekends as a glorified taxi driver to various sports clubs but wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signageLife is good and now having the opportunity to Co-Found Medlock Partners with Kerry, Mark and Andy is a great privilege. For years I was tormented, why hadn’t I bitten the bullet and set up in business? Now I know why. Everything happens for a reason, and this is the right time, with the right people. I’ve never been so excited about the future and that we have the ability to create a truly great business. A business with good, genuine, honest people who create a fun environment. A business that people are going to want to work with and for.

Please contact me directly if you want a confidential chat to discuss your career or if you have any hiring needs. My email is